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How do I buy a garage door from Overhead Door?

Please contact us to request an estimate, complete our online request form, or stop by our showroom. We look forward to meeting you!

How do I get my garage door repaired?

Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home and the most dangerous. Do not attempt to repair your own garage door. Please contact us to request service. Our team is fully trained in how to repair your garage door properly.

Can my garage door be painted?

Many of our residential garage doors can be painted. Please see your owner’s manual for specific painting instructions. In addition, most of our commercial doors can be powder coated. We offer 197 powder coat colors to best complement the look of your home or your facility.

Can I replace a section of my door or do I need to replace the whole door?

Yes, replacing only a section of your garage door is possible in some cases; however, depending upon the damage involved, the entire door may need to be replaced. Contact us to evaluate your specific situation and determine recommendations for the best solution.

What is R-value and how does it benefit me?

R-Value is a measure of thermal efficiency; the higher the R-value the greater the insulating properties of the door. Overhead Door Corporation uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated doors. We have several door styles to meet your insulated door needs for both residential and commercial applications. View a list of all doors and their R-values.

Do you have architect resources?

Yes. Visit Overhead Door Corporation’s Architect’s Corner for technical and specification information on our commercial doors. This tool allows you to download full product specifications, CAD drawings, BIM models, and product brochures with a few simple clicks.

Do your garage doors come with a warranty?

Yes. You can view warranty information on Overhead Door Corporation’s warranty page.

Where can I find the owner’s manual for my garage door?

You can find the owner’s manual for all products on Overhead Door Corporation owner’s manual page.

How do I buy a garage door opener from Overhead Door?

Please contact us to request an estimate, complete our online request form, or stop by our showroom. We look forward to meeting you!

What is the difference between the screw, belt and chain drive garage door openers?
  • Screw Drive — Powerful, fast and quiet. Maximum power for heavy doors.
  • Belt Drive — Quiet and smooth performance. Ideal for garages adjacent to living areas.
  • Chain Drive — Rugged and reliable. Suitable for most garage doors.
How can I get a new remote control for my garage door opener?
  • For openers manufactured after 1980, an Overhead Door® Master Remote can be purchased from us directly.
  • For openers manufactured after 1980, an Overhead Door® Master Remote can be purchased from us directly.For openers manufactured prior to 1980, we no longer carry remotes and your system must be upgraded with a new receiver kit.
How do I program my wireless keypad to open and close my garage door?

You can get the programming instructions for the OKP and OWKP wireless keypad in the support section of the Overhead Door Corporation’s website.

How can I program a garage door opener to work with my HomeLink® system?

To program the HomeLink® transceiver, some vehicles may require the ignition to be turned on or the vehicle to be running. For additional garage door opener help, view the HomeLink® programming instructions.

What are Series I and Series II electronics for wall consoles and buttons?

Overhead Door integrates different technology into its openers and wall consoles. The technologies are known as Series I, Series II and Series III. Series II is backwards compatible to Series I. Series III is not backwards compatible without additional purchased parts. Contact us today for further details. If the date code of your opener is 041217 or higher, you can use a Series II wall console with your opener. If not, you must use a Series I wall console for your opener.

Do your openers come with a warranty?

Yes. You can view warranty information on Overhead Door Corporation’s warranty page.

Where can I find the owner’s manual for my opener?

You can find the owner’s manual for all products on Overhead Door Corporation’s owner’s manual page.

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Thanks to our 40-plus years of dedicated service, we’ve earned numerous top reviews from our satisfied customers. Read what some of them have to say about their experience working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can help with your project.

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Tampa, FL

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Tampa, FL

 Overhead Door, your total window and door store.


I have been using Overhead Door of Riverton for years. They have installed and serviced hundreds of doors, door locks, door products, and door operators for me. Their staff is always friendly and prompt with phone calls and correspondence. I appreciate that I can call and talk to an actual person or go into their showroom and see the same people. The team at Overhead Door is extremely professional, prompt, friendly, and hard-working. From the front of the house staff to the guys in the field doing the installations, all team members have been great to work with. I have gotten to know the team at Overhead Door very well throughout the years, and they are always the first and last call I make for any of my door needs.

Bradley Bassett, API systems integrators

In 2021 we began remodeling a house we had just purchased. We needed to install some new windows and a patio door. Trevor and Overhead Door helped immensely by explaining our options; he always had/made the time to answer any question or concern we had. We also wanted to take advantage of our south-facing garage door to open our studio/shop area to fresh air. Trevor provided the perfect answer in a Lifestyle screen. So pleased we were with the support we received from Overhead door that when we remodeled my folk's home - replacing all the windows- there was no question as to who would get our business. The professionalism Overhead Doors staff is second to none I have ever experienced - even during my days as a general contractor.

Mike & Tilly

The team at Overhead Door Company of Riverton/Lander has been a player in many of our constructed projects over the years. From small interior coiling doors, and medium outdoor coiling doors for concessions and serving, to large overhead doors in a number of settings, they do it all. Their team is professional and easy to work with. They have always proven willing to do what is necessary to provide a complete and successful installation, even if it requires creative solutions and fabrication in unique settings!

William W. Wheatley, Plan One Architects

Trev and Chuck at Overhead Door have been great to work with. Over the years, we (a Wyoming-based architecture firm) have used them extensively, whether it be asking product-related questions, pricing information, or writing specifications, they have always been great to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and their products have always met our standards.

Taylor Lee

I have dealt with Trevor Ellison at Overhead Door for both professional and personal jobs. Professionally it has been easy to go through him for doors and window glass. Personally, he was able to get us a full glass shower door and beat the price it would have cost for us to get it elsewhere. Trevor is very accommodating and works hard to get you the product that you need. He has the knowledge to deal with both the residential and commercial aspects of a project. So when you are thinking of remodeling your home, upgrading your doors, windows or garage door, shop local and go see Trevor.

The Fremont County School District #25 has partnered with Overhead Door of Riverton for many years on many different types of projects. We have a great working relationship and will continue to support each other and the community of Fremont County and Riverton.

Ted May

I retired to Wyoming in 2018 and bought a spec-house that needed new doors and windows bad. I did a lot of research with many local and nation-wide companies and decided to go with Overhead Door with their good selection, fair prices and great service. Everyone is so nice and friendly especially Trevor who was very helpful, sincerely friendly and eager to answer all my questions and concerns. He's eager even excited when I tell him about the custom wood trim I made for the doors and windows that I bought from and was installed by Overhead. He makes me feel like a special customer who has bought tens of thousands of dollars when I've only spent about $10,000. Overhead installed my patio door and 8 windows and I was very happy with the quality and speed of the work and the guys were friendly, competent and professional. I always check with Overhead for all my window and door needs and am currently waiting for a shower door and plan on buying 2 9'x8' garage doors this summer. I also bought a Sun Setter awning and tried to install it myself but it was to heavy for me to lift in place so Trevor came way out (10 miles) to help me lift it in place on his own time and dime. I've only received this kind of service from a friend. The guys at Overhead are as competent, professional and friendly as they are tall.

David Csepp

"Excellent service, knowledgeable installers, I needed the job done fast and I wasn't disappoint at all. Thank you."

Albert O.

"Very nice place. Customer oriented people and knowledgeable too."

Barb T.

"Very professional in assessing what needed to be done and performing the repair. Fair pricing, but took awhile to acquire part and set up time to do the job."

Leo D.

"Extremely friendly service personnel. Did a top quality job."

Robert M.

"We have used Overhead Door for many years. We are completely satisfied with their products and installation They are very prompt when you have a problem. Our latest dealing with them was because of hail damage on our windows and doors. They were quick to help and give an estimate for the damage. They were so helpful and took time to explain and show their products. Their work was superb when installing the windows and doors. Trevor is a fantastic person for helping you with anything you would want to purchase. He explains how everything works and what is the best for the money. He calls and keeps you informed about the time when they will be at your house to do the work. He is the greatest!"

Bill & Ann D.

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Overhead Door Company of Riverton here in Wyoming for the last five years. They have done many projects for me in two different homes including new windows, new doors, new Doggie Door, new garage door openers, new door knobs, locks and hardware, gutter service and cleaning, garage door service and maintenance along with a few emergency calls when I accidentally jammed up my garage door. On every occasion Overhead Door has never disappointed! From the first phone call when you have the pleasure of speaking to Trevor, Ashley, Chuck, or Carolyn to the service performed by one of their very professional and knowledgeable Technicians including Jeremy, Dan, Pete and I wish I could remember all the others as they all are so very kind, patient, and polite, answering all of your questions and concerns while providing a thorough along with wonderful job! The Technicians always call ahead of time to schedule your service and try to coordinate with your schedule. Much attention to detail is offered by this company with amazing results! The finishing of walls and trims is beautiful. Trevor and Ashley patiently helped me pick out and coordinate colors and wood stains along with styles of doors that would work best for my needs. Chuck and his wife along with Trevor and Ashley patiently assisted me in choosing the right kind of Doggie Door for my "high wind" home location and very energetic dogs! They didn't mind when I changed my mind a bunch of times and asked a zillion questions either! Dealing with the entire staff at Overhead Door Company of Riverton is both a pleasure and a blessing! They are ALWAYS there to assist the customer with a smile on their face and a kindness that makes you feel like a friend or a member of their family! Thank you for all you do Overhead Door!"

Gina R.

"For years we have used Overhead Door Company of Riverton, Wyoming, to adjust, repair, and install garage doors. In May of 2019, we got bids for door closures for every door in Pinedale High School. Overhead Door Company was the lowest responsible bidder and was awarded the job. They installed and adjusted nearly 200 door closures to meet ADA standards. Later in 2019, we bid replacing the store fronts in Pinedale Middle School. Again Overhead Door Company was the lowest responsible bidder. Overhead Door suggested materials and methods to save time and expense on the project and did an outstanding job with the installation. Before Overhead Door was finished with the middle school we asked them if they were interested in a project for Skyline Academy. They were; so we extended the middle school contract and skipped the bid process. Overhead Door had already proven they are competitive and provide quality work."

Vern M., Business Manager, Sublette County School District #1

"Groathouse Construction has worked with Overhead Door Company of Riverton/Lander for decades. They are definitely the preferred contractor for supply and installation of glazing systems and overhead doors. This preference comes from a trust that has been earned through their straightforward, honest approach to any project, whether it's a single door installation or a large glazing system. Scheduling of trades is a difficult task for general contractors; Overhead Door Company of Riverton/Lander is a tremendous asset with respect to scheduling as they understand the importance for their production and are always working to provide the most accurate durations with respect to the shop drawing, delivery, and installation activities. I would highly recommend them for any project, large or small!"

Fred B., CEO, Groathouse Construction

"We recently built our dream home just outside Riverton and contracted Overhead Door for all our windows and doors. We found both the products and service to be outstanding. When a couple of our doors arrived from the manufacturer with some minor defects, Trevor and his crew pursued the matter with focused diligence and got the issue rectified to our great satisfaction. Overhead Door is a very professional and conscientious organization, that we sincerely recommend to all in need of such products!"

Pete & Laurie T.